Limeburners Lagoon to Rippleside survey 4th April 2014

M~Mtrail LL to Rippleside

This survey took place in daylight.  However, the walk will be at night – there is little street lighting along the majority of the walk.

It is important that every possible hazard is marked and notice given to the walkers.

The railway at Corio Quay poses a particular problem.  The are two rail lines, each with angled chicanes – impossible for a 5.5×1.4m canoe to negotiate.  A detour along Corio Quay Road (which has a railway overpass) seems the only alternative.

53 Corio Quay Rail chicanes (4 of these for 2 lines) smOne of four sets of chicanes on the walking level crossing near Corio Quay.  This area has no lighting.

On the plus side, there is an eerie beauty walking past the silent northern docks and industry at night.

2 thoughts on “Limeburners Lagoon to Rippleside survey 4th April 2014

  1. Hi Helen
    These photographs work as straight documentation and as narrative pieces. Could you insinuate a narrative into these strange juxtapositions of light/dark, industry and nature? I particularly liked the image of silhouetted gums foregrounded against the silos. Perhaps it’s this clash that would be worth exploring – conceptually and practically. Are you thinking a series of photographs? Paintings from the site (or using source imagery from the site – there’s a conceptual and practical difference here)? You should look at some of Bill Henson’s work where he uses the city as a backdrop to his narratives. Of course, I would recommend you look at Louise Hearman for lighting and technique, and perhaps Jessica Marburg who has a show on now at Sutton Gallery, for novel ways to establish a scene. If you were to concentrate on another aspect of the space, like the specific elements that might present a danger to the walkers and integrate that into a project of abstraction – perhaps in the style of Peter Kennedy (abstracted motifs from everyday signs – Tolarno Gallery circa 2012) – it would take you in a conceptual direction you’ve not been in – but one I would encourage.

    Anyway, we should have a conversation about it in the coming two weeks. How’s the other side of the internship tracking?

    • Hi Cameron
      I met with Meme today about my creative project. I do love taking night photographs of the industry – and now that it is so threatened by recession and pulling out of out three major industries – Shell, Ford and Alcoa. I will certainly seek out the artists you mentioned – especially empathise with the work of Bill Henson I saw last year at AGNSW.
      However, we discussed the possibility of me taking before, during and after shots of the walking circles. Meme is particularly interested in the impressions that will be left when the installations are removed. So I’ll probably go with this and have a back up for if these don’t turn out. I’d particularly like to discuss this with you. I would like to document the route prior to the event – taking stills of the various sites and the walk route itself at the time of day when the walk will be there. My chances for photography on the day will be very limited as my role will be supporting the whole walk from the point of view of safety and access (probably alternating with Zoe at the front/rear of the walk – but on bikes).
      I’ll discuss the other side of the internship with you at our meeting – I’ll be at the Waterfront most of tomorrow and at least some days next week. Let me know your availability and I can find a time to suit you.
      PS – I showed Meme some roadside plant prints – a couple of images will be going up on the M~M Facebook page as plants walkers might spot on the way.

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