The Night Walk

Creative Project part 2 – photos of the night walk route

It was dark when the walkers reached Limeburner’s Lagoon.  From there they walked through an area of Geelong many locals never visit – the industrial northern docks area.  At night there is a desolate majesty about this.  The walkers were silent, or chatting quietly as they walked beside the still waters of Corio Bay.  A few evening fishermen watched the strange procession.  The ships in the docks were oblivious as cargoes were loaded or discharged.

From the bay shore the noise is a steady quiet hum.  Odours change from petrochemicals to the north, to wood as the walkers pass the timber and wood chip exporting facilities surrounding Corio Quay, and roasting grain near the Grain Pier.

From St Helens the walkers entered a residential area, with views of the city skyline and Corio Bay.  Finally, after 10pm, the walkers reached the festivities at Steampacket Gardens.  For one night in a handful of nights during the year, the late night waterfront was alive with activity.

By 11 pm on May 9th, as the last walkers straggled in to Steampacket Gardens, the area was almost deserted.  Rain began to fall.

Overnight the rain intensified, greeting the walkers as they once again gathered at Steampacket Gardens at 5:30am on May 9th.  The next stage, in early morning darkness was along Moorabool Street to the Barwon River rowing area.  The whole area was deserted except for a few early morning revelers returning home.

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