On a heading the Shell: final images for exhibition

One photograph from each walking circle site was selected for printing and exhibition.

From each walking circle site, photos were taken on a compass bearing to the Shell Chimney.

Shell Refinery, Corio - Geelong's tallest building - the chimney

Shell Refinery, Corio – Geelong’s tallest building – the chimney

The Night Walk: The final exhibition images

Here are the 10 photos that were printed for exhibition.

M~M Exhibition: Night Photos, Shell heading photos and a big collage

Three of the works for the Mountain to Mouth creative response are now on display outside the Visual Arts office, at Deakin’s Waterfront Campus, until at least August 9th.  Opening hours are 8:30 to 5:30 weekdays.

Walk this Land – M~M creative response

Walk this land – afternoon, evening and night.

Walk this land – dawning light

Driving rain – sun and pain

Walk this land – river to ocean, mountain to sea

Walk this land – forest, farm and footsteps

Sun above, land beneath, waves beside

Walk this land, evening light, shining night

Fire on ocean

Walking this land…140714 M~M painting_2083web

Helen Lyth, Walk this land, 2014, Mixed media

Creative response part 3.


The Rock, Steampacket and Point Lonsdale – photoshop playtime

This is just the beginning of creativity using Photoshop.