Walking Circles – view towards Shell Chimney

Creative Project 1:  A view towards Shell

Background:  The Shell Refinery has been a magnet for my photography over the years – with changing light and the concern over the environment versus aesthetics.  As the light changes, so the views may go from mundane to magical.

These photos are in response to my personal interest in the refinery, and especially the many chimneys and vertical structures.  The photos are taken on a heading from the twelve walking circles towards the large red and white Shell chimney.

All of these were taken on a heading towards Shell (worked out using Google Earth maps).

The Images

The images were taken in the weeks after Mountain to Mouth.  Processing included merging multiple images using HDR (High Dynamic Range) software for some images shot in difficult light conditions.  Images were post processed in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop.  Images were saved as print files and separate web files.

All but three sites (Big Rock, Lara RSL and Limeburner’s Lagoon) had headings towards the north.  This made photography difficult as the sun was far in the northern sky moving towards the winter solstice.   This meant that most subjects were backlit and in shadow, with loss of sharpness and colour.

The Next Stage

Twelve images (one for each site) will be selected for printing to A3 size (or larger).



The Night Industry Walk

140610 Pot Still Shell HDR healing flat Acr edit140610 Pot Still Shell HDR healing flat Acr edit web orange hue

The cracker, Shell Refinery, Corio.

The walkers passed this at night, with gentle moonlight.  This photograph was taken about half an hour after sunset, while there was still light in the sky.

Phosphate 1 HDRAcr editAcr edit colourway 2 web Phosphate 1 HDRwebThe Phosphate factory, near Lascelles Wharf.  The bottom photo has the original colours.

Serendipity: Look what’s happening at the walking circles!

Today I took some photos at the walking circles.  At Drysdale and Ocean Grove, there was lots of action…

Walking circles on a heading the Shell Chimney

The highest man-made building in Geelong is the red and white Shell chimney at the Corio Refinery.

Shell Refinery, Corio - Geelong's tallest building - the chimney

Shell Refinery, Corio – Geelong’s tallest building – the chimney

One facet of my creative response to M~M is to take photographs from each of the twelve walking circle sites, looking towards the chimney.  The chimney is visible from Big Rock, Limeburner’s Lagoon and Steampacket Gardens.  From the other sites, a compass heading was used.

These will be used to take photographs for the Mountain to Mouth Creative Response.140513 140525 big rock m~m004webwebThe Big Rock Walking Circle.  Two weeks after the walk the ochre and chalk circle is still clearly visible.  The dead wood fence has been demolished.

Big Rock WSW 220 140513 140525 big rock m~m009webwebBig Rock is the only walking circle from which the Shell chimney is visible.

Lara RSL 206

Limeburners Lagoon – S W – 254 degrees from 0

Moorpanyul Park NNE 23 degrees from north

Steampacket NNE 20

Barwon River NNE 18

Christies Road NNE 325

Drysdale Station NW 310

Swan Bay NW 316

Point Lonsdale NW 320

Barwon Heads NNW 338


The Walking Circles 7-12

Creative Response part A – the walking circle sites before M~M.  These photographs taken Sunday, May 4th.